Affordable ammonia, methane & N2O monitoring

Drager C300
  • Densely populated countries are very concerned about ammonia and methane: ability to show a reduction trend will enhance a ‘licence to operate’ for all animal farms.
  • Controversy ammonia emissions Dutch livestock still unresolved. Solution must be found. Other countries have the same problem.
  • Live monitoring is the most robust way to quantify and manage emissions, for which ubiquitous use of ‘low cost’ sensors is needed.
  • Ammonia monitoring is the priority now, but methane monitoring is around the corner. Nitrous Oxide (N2O or “lachgas”) is also of interest (WUR).
  • Animal welfare impact assessment of air quality in barns now possible. Concentrations of ammonia can impact the health of the heard in a stable. Warnings of risk concentration in the air will enable timely response.
  • Most Electro-chemical sensor elements need to be replaced every 18 months with high cost of ownership.
  • Competitive advantages:
    • Lower total cost of ownership
    • Simultaneous ammonia & methane & N2O measurements
    • Advanced data platform
  • Indirect optical spectroscopy
  • Use of nano substrate
  • No direct contact between sensor & gas, so no drift
  • High accuracy, low detection limit (< 1ppm)
  • Sampling frequency: 15 minutes
  • Measures ammonia, methane and nitrous oxide
  • Service life: 5 years

Nanovision owns exclusive license to technology

Complete product & data platform available

  • AirNode sensor housing
    • Many hundreds in use in London and around the world
    • Several years of robust outdoor field performance
    • WiFi & 4G connectivity
    • Compact & lightweight
  • AirScape data platform
    • Remote device monitoring
    • Cloud data storage
    • Advanced user interface & API data exchange
  • Complete system can be market ready within one year
  • Potential extension of sensor portfolio with open path laser

Possible partnerships for a complete solution

IP, project management, syndicate lead

Scientific validation & public policy

Sensor component development

Hardware integration, FW development & Data Platform

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